Vigil8 Partners are an independent consultancy that typically works with large organisations in both the private and government sectors to deliver data security projects and operational solutions. 

Established in 2018 by founders with over 20 years of technology sector change delivery experience, Vigil8 Partners have a background in both the delivery and operation of world class data security solution delivery and operation across industry sectors.



In recent years, both business risk through an ever more technologically connected world and legislation such as GDPR have dramatically increased the profile of Data Security within organisations large and small. Advances in Cyber Security technologies have made it easier for organisations to manage these risks.

However, technology alone does not deliver the anticipated business benefits; clients often purchase such technology but fail to follow best practice when configuring or operating it, and as such, don't achieve all of the benefits.



Vigil8 can take responsibility for every stage of project delivery, either in-house with the client, or by using our team of leveraged resources, or a combination thereof.

We can also help organisations achieve regulatory compliance, providing teams of specialists with the required business knowledge, legal understanding and technical experience.