Extend your IT or data team with our monitoring services.
Our expert team uses sophisticated automated monitoring software to provide peace of mind that any data breaches can be quickly identified and managed.

Data Security Incident Monitoring and Response (dSoc)

The volume and sophistication of cyber security threats continue to grow. Whether an attempted intrusion, data breach, unauthorised access or policy violation, any organisation’s IT infrastructure needs to quickly identify, respond to and manage these security incidents effectively.

Vigil8 utilises sophisticated automatic monitoring software and a designated dSoc team to help client organisations develop robust, resilient and comprehensive processes that mitigate the data threat landscape. Our engineers are evangelical in their commitment to supporting clients’ incident monitoring and data breach response capabilities.  

Using the Varonis product platform and bespoke encrypted software, our solution provides remote health check services along with UK-working-hour monitoring of all alerts. Any system issues can then be remediated, and flagged alerts supported or escalated.

An affordable, practical extension to your IT or Data team.