Identify issues and risks within your data landscape
Our security experts will conduct a thorough audit of your data environment and provide a detailed report outlining the major risks, with recommendations on how to resolve those challenges.

Data Security Risk Assessments

Even if an organisation can identify where sensitive data resides, the task of securing the information can be daunting. If data is overexposed and unmonitored, an organisation can be vulnerable to a cybersecurity breach that could take months or even years to discover. The impact of data protection non-compliance can be immensely costly.

Is your organisation at risk?

Answer ‘yes’ to any of the following questions and your organisation could be exposed to data security risks that could result in significant business disruption and financial loss:

  • Our environment holds classified and/or sensitive data
  • We’re not sure who has privileged access to files and folders
  • We don’t know how old some of our data is
  • We can’t be certain that we are fully GDPR compliant
  • Some of our permissions are inconsistent
  • It’s not easy to tell who’s been opening, creating, deleting, or modifying important files
  • Files and folders are open to users who don’t need them to perform their role

A Vigil8 Data Security Assessment SLA will help your business identify cyber threats and compliance issues, such as at-risk sensitive and classified data, access controls and authorisation, privileged access, Active Directory structure and compliance with applicable regulations.

We will pinpoint your data vulnerabilities and provide active steps to prioritise and fix them, dramatically reducing your organisation’s risk exposure.