Bespoke ongoing support and maintenance packages
We can deliver outsourcing solutions that ensure your team has the time to focus on other priorities.

Data Security Support and Maintenance

In-house data security monitoring and support can be a costly and resource-hungry undertaking. Maintenance requires a high degree of specialist expertise, and thorough understanding of the cybersecurity platform’s intricacies.

Many organisations do not have the necessary in house expertise or, where this does exist, competing demands can dilute the focus on this crucial area of corporate compliance. And where relationships do not exist with technicians from platforms such as Varonis, fixing issues in a timely manner can become problematic.

Whether our recommended data security products are installed on the premises or in the cloud, a bespoke Vigil8 data support and maintenance service will alleviate the demands of your cybersecurity management.

Outsourcing enables your internal team to focus on more complex support issues.