Peace-of-mind with on-going security support from an expert team
Vigil8 will work with you to implement your chosen security platform, ensuring you monitor and remove data risks from your environment, on-going.

Data Security Implementation Services

Given the highly sensitive nature of data security, any cybersecurity system integration must be to exacting standards. The process can be extremely complex and, even with the correct product selection, incomplete implementation can leave organisations exposed.

Internal resources may not be immediately available or lack the specific knowledge of high-end platforms such as Varonis. The situation can become especially problematic when accelerated implementation is needed.

Little or no relationship with the security platform’s developers can add further complications, making it harder to collaborate on the implementation process and efficiently deal with any issues that arise.

Fine tuning requirements towards the end of an implementation process can easily be missed if teams do not possess expert knowledge of a platform. Refining alerts from the system to improve positive detection rates and identify data security issues, for instance, needs to be precise to ensure issues are not missed.

Our cybersecurity and data compliance experts work with gold-standard partners such as Varonis. We support you in implementing the most effective solutions to reduce your risk and exposure, and deliver robust data regulatory compliance.